About Dr. Lea Lockwood

leaLea Lockwood, Ph.D., LICSW is trained as a school psychologist, as well as a social worker who has sought additional training to become licensed psychologist. She is a certified yoga instructor who enjoys teaching how to comfortably move to the next level in terms of personal growth. She has worked in both traditional and alternative school settings as well as outpatient facilities. She has taught social skills for over six years in both an individual and group format with children, teens and adults.

She can evaluate for learning disabilities, provide functional behavioral analyses, and screen for social and emotional functioning (including, but not limited to: anxiety, OCD, ADHD, ODD, and depression). She is available to consult on planning for special education services, accommodations, or response to intervention strategies. She can also provide counseling (individual, family, parenting).

Lea understands that nothing else matters if you or your child is not feeling good about life. The first step in feeling better is finding a therapist who best matches you or your child’s needs. Lea is happy to provide more information via a free phone consultation to ensure that she is the best match for you or your child. She can be reached at: (401) 497-4848. You may also contact Lea at: lealockwood2@gmail.com.